Axe Bat Youth Speed Trainers Baseball Bats: Powered By Driveline Baseball

Size: 31" (2 Bat Set)
Sale price$ 299.99



Elite step-by-step guided hitting skills, and swing improvement system right out of the box. Increase bat speed, hit the ball harder and give your young hitter/team the edge. Same program used by over 100 college and pro teams is now available for youth hitters! 

  • Two weighted, precision-skill training bats
  • Handle-loaded bat for speed, barrel-loaded bat for power
  • Guided instruction from Driveline Baseball, the leader in data-driven training
  • Recommended for players 9-13 (pre high school)
  • Ideal for individual, group, team, or family use
  • 12 weeks of in-season training, 12 weeks of out-of-season training, plus advanced sessions.
  • Patented Axe™ Handle for max bat speed, more barrel control, and best results with training
  • 1-piece alloy constructions
  • 2-5/8” barrels
  • 1-year standard warranty

    Not certified for in-game use. This is a hitting training system.

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