B45 AF10 Pro Select Adult Birch Softball Bat - Varnished Handle / Black


  • $ 99.99

B45 softball bats are made of their best Pro Select birch wood as are all of their bats. Using wooden softball bats is the new trend. Tons of tournament around North America are now using wood instead of aluminum. For one, it is a safety issue. Using wooden softball bat will decrease the chance of major injuries due to the decrease in velocity in which the ball will leave the bat.  For second, it has a smaller sweet spot compared to aluminum bats. This will allow the hitter to be more disciplined and only swing at the perfect or desired pitch. Lastly, we all know that the sound of a baseball or softball sounds much better on a wood bat!

Product Details:

  • 30-day warranty included - b45baseball.com/products/warranty
  • Handle: 1 in (Similar to the B110 baseball bat)
  • Barrel: 2.25 in
  • Knob: Regular
  • Weight Ratio: -6
  • Handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch
  • Label: Gold

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