All-Star Pro Advance CM3100SBT Baseball Catcher's Mitt - 33.5"


  • $ 179.95

The All Star CM3100 high performance line is designed for fast break-in time and hard play. The All Star CM3100 Series features Japanese tanned US steer hide and heavey duty rawhide laces. The popular black/tan leather combination gives these mitts proper support and extended life. and these catcher's mitts have extended pockets, adjustable Velcro openings, and even an attached wrist protector.

Product Details:

  • 33.5 Inch Catcher's Mitt
  • Designed for fast break-in time and hard play
  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Black and Tan Color Combination
  • Extended Pocket