Axe Bat Mookie Betts MB50 Custom Pro-Fit Baseball Bat

Axe Bat

  • $ 219.99

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The Pro-Fit MB50 is made of Pro-Grade Maple Hardwood and comes with the Pro Ink Dot to show the slope of the grain. Axe's new Charged Finish on this and all their Pro-Fit model bats help to improve the hardness and durability of this wood baseball bat. The Axe Handle lets you swing faster with more barrel control to give hitters more consistency. This MB50 Pro-Fit is wrapped with a Mookie Betts customized Lizard Skins grip.

Product Details:

  • Same barrel profile and Axe™ Handle swung in-game by MVP Mookie Betts
  • Made in the U.S.A. from hand-split, hard maple billets – the same premium wood used by the pros
  • Newly developed Charged Finish, meticulously applied in a seven-step process, delivers our hardest, most durable, and highest-gloss wood barrel
  • Steel-hardening technique used to compress the wood grain, making it harder and denser, so the ball jumps off your barrel
  • Handle comes wrapped with Mookie Betts’ preferred Lizard Skins grip tape
  • Pro ink dot showing slope of grain
  • Standard Axe Handle for maximum bat speed and barrel control, so you can hit the ball harder, more often
  • 30-day limited warranty

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