Chandler CB110 Team Series Maple Wood Baseball Bat


$ 149.95 


The Chandler Team Series wood baseball bats are specific models geared toward both entry level and developed players who have experience hitting with wood. With a pro quality, maple wood construction combined with the famous Chandler proprietary G matte finish, these wood bats provide an original look with one of the hardest hitting surfaces of all-time. The Team Series are guaranteed to arrive with a slightly cupped barrel end to enhance durability, improve overall balance, and ensure a strong piece of maple during the creation of each wood bat. Team Series Bats also feature the pro ink dot standard and a matte black finish for a clean and professional look.

Chandler CB110 Team Series Maple Wood Baseball Bat Features a 2.46" barrel diameter, a .943” handle diameter, and it is insanely well balanced to help hitters increase swing speed through the hitting zone.

Product Details:

  • CB110 Turn model
  • G-Matte Black finish
  • Pro Quality Maple
  • Slightly Flared Knob 1.91”
  • Average tapered handle .943”
  • Large Barrel 2.46”
  • Ink Dot
  • Balanced feel
  • Approximately -3 length to weight ratio