Dove Tail Bats: PA20-AXE-s Pete Alonso Signature Series Birch Wood Bat

Dove Tail Bats

  • $ 229.95

The signature series PA20-AXE-s is made for professional player Pete Alonso and comes Matte Black, the reverse Gold logo, and with his Signature. DTB started with the Louisville Slugger D200 model and made it all Pete! The bat has a long, HUGE, end loaded barrel with a large sweet spot.  

Product Details:.

  • Standard Axe handle shaped knob
  • 2 17/32″ barrel
  • 121/128″ handle
  • Cupped End
  • End-loaded feel
  • Pro Ink Dot
  • New England yellow birch wood
  • Drop (approx): -3