Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Maple C243 Knox Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger

$ 139.95 


If you’re looking to make noise, bats don’t get much louder than this. This variation of the C243, the original large barrel bat, features a gold finish coupled with red, white and blue Seamless Decals. As aluminum bats became a part of the game, the demand for large-barreled, thin-handled bats led to the popularity of the C243. A prime weapon of choice for power hitters, it features a slightly end-loaded barrel, distributing more mass in the sweet spot of the barrel. All MLB PRIME bats are made exclusively with MLB-grade wood from the top 3% of the harvest and feature three coats of EXOARMOR, a state-of-the-art finish that gives a hardness to the bat you can feel and hear with every swing.

Product Details:

  • Wood: MLB Maple
  • Turning Model: C243
  • Swing Weight: Slight End Load (4)
  • Three coats of EXOARMOR top coat - doubles hardness
  • MLB Ink Dot
  • Bone-rubbed
  • Cupped
  • Finish: Gold
  • Seamless Decals: Red, White, Blue