Marucci USA Professional Cut Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Size: 31in
Sale price$ 109.99


When a Big Leaguer orders bats from Marucci, those bats are handcrafted to his exact specifications, or his preferred cut. However, there are instances when these cuts do not meet his exact specifications of length, weight, balance point, handle or knob shape, etc. That bat is pulled from the player’s order and sold as a “Professional Cut.”

These are not considered “blem” bats; they simply did not match what the player requested. Customers can choose their length and color, but Pro Cuts cannot be selected by model.

Product Details:

  • Approximate -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Bone Rubbing Technique( Compress and Make the Wood Harder)
  • Handcrafted From Professional Grade Maple Wood
  • Can Be From Any Turn From Marucci's Factory (Barrel Diameter, Handle Diameter and Knob Configuration Can Vary)
  • Colorway: Black | U.S.A. Marucci Emblem
  • Pro Cupped End

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