Rawlings 2020 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3)


  • $ 249.95

Engineered from the finest aerospace-grade alloy materials, the Rawlings 2020 5150 BBCOR bat was designed to help batters hit the ball farther. Its redesigned barrel gives batters a larger, flatter sweet spot so you can have more consistent contact with every swing.

In addition, the Hyper-Lite Speed Cap provides the batter with a lighter feel so your swing is not only powerful, but fast as well. With a quicker swing and a larger sweet spot you'll hit the ball harder and further than ever before.

Product Details:

  • Engineered with pOp 2.0™ creating a larger sweet-spot and improving feel
  • 5150® Alloy: Rawlings’ most radically responsive, aerospace-grade alloy built for performance and durability
  • Redesigned Profile: Boasts a larger sweetspot and greater control
  • Hyper-Lite Speed Cap provide s lighter and faster swing speed