Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROSP13 Salvador Perez Catcher's Mitt - 32.5"


  • $ 259.95

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide 32.5” Salvador Perez Model Catcher’s Mitt is crafted with the #1 leather used in Baseball, steer hide heart of the hide, This Blonde and Royal Blue Catcher’s Mitt is a great glove for all catchers. The 32.5” and Velcro strap make this glove unique because it allows you to get the ball out as fast as possible with no room for errors.

Product Details:

  • Salvador Perez Heart of the Hide
  • 32.5” Adult Baseball Catcher’s Mitt
  • 60% Player Break-in
  • Standard Fit – Velcro Strap
  • Custom Fit lining