Total Control Ball Pro 7.4 425 Grams 2.9" Diameter - 3 Pack

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Put more "sting" in your swing with the 3 Pack of Total Control Balls™. Featuring a 2.9-inch diameter and weighing 525 grams, the TCB™ Pro Balls are great for competitive Fastpitch players and baseball players alike. Designed to develop strength and drive through the zone while providing instant feedback for the hitter, the Total Control® Pro Balls require only a small area to conduct a full hitting practice.
Product Details:
  • Weighted training balls built for swing development
  • Designed to develop strength and drive through the hitting zone while providing instant feedback
  • Ensures optimal resistance to swinging muscles to increase power and speed
  • The shape of the ball will remain round when hit squarely, and form to a donut shape when hit off-center for instant feedback
  • Great for serious Fastpitch softball and Baseball players, coaches and teams
  • Can be used for both front and side toss drills (ideal for front toss)
  • Start out slowly with 3 to 6 solid hits, then increase reps to a max of 18-24 in one hitting session
  • Requires only a 25' x 25' area to do a full hitting practice; no nets or gloves required
  • Safe for bats and safer for players than regular balls
  • Includes 3 TCB™ balls per purchase
  • Ball diameter: 2.9"
  • Ball weight: 525g (18.5oz.)
  • Patent-pending design
  • Made in the USA
  • Distributed by Markwort® Sporting Goods
  • Model: TCB-03L-74-P525G
  • Total Control Sports

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