Wilson Onyx P12 Pitcher/Infield Fastpitch Glove - 12"


  • $ 119.95

The Onyx FP12 works well for dual position players who pitch and play the infield. It features a knotless back design to reduce leg abrasions during pitch delivery and a 2-Piece Closed Weave Web to conceal grip changes. The 12" length works well in the middle infield, third base, and the mound. Your Wilson Onyx P12 fastpitch glove will break in perfectly without breaking downThe Onyx comes ready to play on Day One. It features DP leather, which is optimal for a quick break-in and a long life. Combined with Rolled Dual Welting and Double Palm Construction, the Wilson Onyx is the travel fastpitch player's dream glove.

Product Details:

  • 12"
  • Pitcher/Infield Model
  • 2-Piece Closed Weave Web
  • Fastpitch-specific model
  • Two piece back closure for a secure fit
  • Double Palm Construction™ to reinforce the pocket
  • Double Play Leather™ that breaks in quickly and doesn't sacrifice feel for the ball
  • D-Fusion pocket pad creates No Sting Catch Zone
  • Rolled Dual Welting™ for a quicker break in