All-Star Special Edition Martin Maldonado Pro-Elite Baseball Catcher's Mitt - 34"

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Dexterity: Right-Hand-Thrower
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In 2011, Martin Maldonado started his professional career using the CM3000XSBK, All-Star's 32" mitt.  No room for error with this small and precise mitt.  Soon, Maldonado ("Maldy") switched to our most popular 33.5" size.  He and several other All-Star Focus Team players asked for a little more room to receive the ball with confidence because pitchers are throwing faster and with more movement.  In the 2017 season, Maldy used a custom 34" mitt and won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award®.  That year Martin sharpied 100% on the back of his web to remind him to give 100% of the pitches 100% of his attention and focus.  Now you can own the same mitt that made him the top catcher in the game with this special edition release of our solid black CM3000 Pro-Elite® mitt in the same 34" size Maldy uses. #goldmentality

Product Details:

  • Exact replica of the 34" solid black Pro-Elite mitt that helped Martin Maldonado win the Rawlings Gold Glove Award®
  • Stiffer black leather in the pocket and on the back of the mitt helps this mitt maintain a stiffer feel than our black and tan model
  • Black leather pocket still has the same distinct POP that Pro-Elite mitts and gloves are known for and pitchers love
  • Embroidered 100% on the back of the web to remind you of Martin Maldonado's #goldmentailty:  Give 100% of the pitches 100% of your attention and focus
  • Adjustable hook and loop tab on the back of the hand for a personalized fit

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