Rawlings Baseball Mach Adjust EXT Batting Helmet Extension

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Color: Black
Batter: Right-Handed-Batter
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As the Official Batting Helmet Extension of MLB, we put the Mach Adjust EXT through rigorous R&D and testing to enhance its performance. For the last few seasons, we've worked with players across the majors who all have different preferences on how they wear their face guard extension. This led to our latest innovative design! 

The Mach Adjust EXT batting helmet extension was engineered to give players greater coverage for maximum confidence at the plate. Its new adjustable design features 9 different settings to give players the perfect, 'custom' fit on their helmet. It's 2-piece adapter/flap combination allows you to set the EXT wherever is most comfortable for you. As a result, you'll stay more focused on each pitch, so you can drive in more runs. It's easily adjustable too, allowing you to move it up or down on the fly at any moment's notice.

Product Details:
  • Mach Adjust Extension can alternate between 9 different settings for a custom fit
  • Mounts to the ear flap of the helmet, without obstructing visibility, the Mach Adjust Extension covers the side of the batter's face that is exposed to the pitcher
  • Designed to fit all Rawlings 'Mach' batting helmet models
  • Seamless aesthetic the Mach Adjust Extension covers visible hardware for a sleek appearance

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