Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROR3039-6SH Outfield Glove - 12.75"

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Dexterity: Right-Hand-Thrower
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If you want a luxurious feel, this Rawlings 12.75-inch Heart of the Hide outfield glove is the way to go. This glove sports a rich, Sherry leather, creating a refined and delightful look. The lightweight H-web on this glove makes managing the outfield as easy as it can be, while the 303 pattern helps you feel confident in snatching any baseball that hits your leather. The ultra-premium, world-renowned Heart of the Hide leather will give you pro-level glove performance that can last for years. Grab your Rawlings 12.75-inch Heart of the Hide outfield glove today!

          Product Details:

          • Pro H™ Web 
          • Sherry
          • 303 Pattern: Most popular Pro outfield pattern. The deepest pocket and standard width. Closes thumb to pinky.
          • Traditional Heart of the Hide leather
          • Redesigned heel pad for easier close
          • Pro style patterns

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